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Started by dcel, May 05, 2014, 04:01:43 PM

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I use the example project ethernet card STM32-P107.
the card is stm32

I changed the port 80 for another port (here 600).
If the PC I send data on port 600 TCPIP ok I can read the side of the stm32 card.

To send a response stm32 card to the PC how?
I can not find in the example or put my data.
thank you for your help


Hey dcel,

Is there a specific reason to change the port? Port 80 is the official HTTP port. If you change it the board might experience difficulties in this regard.

Also where did you change it exactly in the code.

Best regards,
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the pc is a program that communicates on port 600.
The problem is not in the PC.

My question is how the vi stm32 sent data to the PC.

Currently when the PC sends datas (I can read the stm32 side).
the stm32 returns a response but no data (only the IP and TCP headers).

By cons I do not find or save the data had to send PC.
I need a function like "TCP_SEND_DATA"

thank you