Dead links on DUINOMITE-MINI/open-source-hardware

Started by mobluse, April 30, 2014, 11:15:09 PM

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There are a lot of dead links on this page:
E.g. I think the forum link should be changed to this forum.
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Thank you mobluse for the note!

I missed the part where Ken Segler changed his web-site and dropped the forums. Back then when we collaborated on Duinomite we had no forum so everything was discussed at the web site of the Australian guys.

I will put a link to the forums, despite the fact that the DUINOMITE sub-forum seems quite slow and inactive.

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When Ken Segler dropped the forum, it was advised to continue Maximite/Duinomite discussions on the Backshed ( forum. I don't like this forum, because it is quite a mess of items. So I advise people who like to discuss specific Duinomite issues to do that also on this specific forum. Maybe we get a bit more activity on this forum this way.