[SOLVED] Duinomite Mini & Composite via VGA

Started by mobluse, April 13, 2014, 03:57:51 AM

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Duinomite Mini doesn't have a separate composite video out.

I just wanted to give a tip about a cable that works in order to give composite video via VGA:

I didn't use exactly that cable but another VGA to RGB adapter with the same colors.

I connect the blue or green connector to a video cable to the PAL composite monitor. The red connector doesn't give an image.

If you use a newer MMBasic you also need to do: CONFIG COMPOSITE PAL
(or: CONFIG COMPOSITE NTSC if you have an NTSC-monitor), since CONFIG COMPOSITE DISABLED is the default for at least MMBasic 4.4B.

You should not switch CONFIG COMPOSITE too often because I got an error:
"Error: Cannot change option more than 9 times - reflash MMBasic to reset"

I use a portable DVD-player with video-input as a monitor and use an RCA to 3.5mm stereo adapter and connect the video cable to the white RCA-connector. This monitor can also be battery powered with 6 AA-batteries. And then I can use a 2 AA-battery powered phone charger to drive the Duinomite Mini and the keyboard!
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