When will stock be back

Started by visionimpaired, April 17, 2014, 06:17:56 am

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Is there any update on availability of the LIME A10?
Is it still being produced or will the A20 overtake it?


"Out of stock" for already a month is not nice indeed.
I just wonder when AllWinner will stop production of this 2.5+ year old chip which is like a decade for a Chinese SoC.
... or probably LIMEs are not selling like hot cakes and margins are close to zero for small quantity production.


I've been told "next week" and this was a week ago. But since this week was shorter (one less working day), let's see what comes out next week. Around Wednesday, since Monday is non-working day too, and they will probably be swamped with work on Tuesday.


to stop the rumors LIME is assembling and will be in stock on 22/04 when we come back from the Holidays
the reason for the out of stock is problem with some electronic component deliveries which were delayed by supplier with 2 weeks so we ran out of components, then the components came in but the manufacturing do not happen overnight :) so please be patient there are enough LIMEs on the assembly line :)



This is a good news.
There will be in stock Olinuxino A10 with nand flash, or just the "basic" olinuxion A10?




for the moment just the basic A10-OLinuXino-LIME is produced