Question to Olimex: Problem with Android NAND reflashing on A10S

Started by MANU62170, April 15, 2014, 01:21:02 PM

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I've bought about one year ago an OlinuXino A10S with Android preinstalled on the NAND, but Android has systematically bugged when starting from the NAND.

After many problems I could use my A10S using the Debian or the Android image from a micro SD card.

Till yet I could'nt reflash the NAND, and of course would like  to. But foollowing the Olimex reflash process, The NAND didn't appear undr Windows, was'nt recognised by Windows and the installed imagedisk builder.

Yesterday, I had the idea to intall gparted on the Debian card, and gparted recognize the Nand partition...

So I ask myself: can I formate without any risk the Nand partition to Fat32 with gparted , and then try to rebuild the Android NAND image under Windows, so that now Windows maybe could recognize thee NAND?

Thanks a lot for the answer(s)