Password in PIC_WEB_5_31.Zip and needed

Started by HowardH, November 27, 2012, 05:13:59 AM

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Tried to extract to rebuild in my recently purchased PIC_WEB.  Both winzip and Windows 8 say it requires a password.  What is the password?  Also tried, same issue.

Thank you.


you have to read the unprotected part to learn the password! this is done on purpose as Microchip to not allow these files to be distributed without reading and agreeing on their license terms


for some reason, the latest copy of this file DOES NOT CONTAIN any license agreements.
( At least for me, I downloaded it multiple times)
only the PIC-GSM 5.42 stack contains the password and license agreements.

Cost me 30 mins trying to figure this out.



Hello Allan,

Thank you for the notification. This is now fixed and the change will be visible on the next web site update.

The new version of PIC-GSM 5.42 has I2C menu accessible from the web interface so you can send commands directly via the I2C to a connected extension board (MOD-xxxx, with I2C interface on the UEXT).

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Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex