SAM7-MT256 : GNU C Compliler + Eclipse + OpenOCD projects link

Started by miko, November 08, 2012, 06:13:04 PM

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Dear Lady, Dear Sir,

I try to program a SAM7-MT256 board on a genuine Debian GNU/Linux platform.
From the development board product page, I downloaded the  "GNU C Compliler + Eclipse + OpenOCD projects link",
hoping to get a usable environment for compilation.
What I got is confusing me :
- it looks like some subdirectories are missing (HTML which is referenced in the sam7.html")
- I was expecting an arm compiler.
So my questions :
- is the link pointing to the correct archive or is the archive incomplete ?
- is it necessary to download other archives ?

Best regards.



Hello Dominique,

I have created a project for the SAM7-MT256 - you need to install the latest OLIMEX ODS -> 9.0 Rev. J. This project will be included in the standard workspace in the next stable release of ODS.

Here are the files you need to download:

There is a readme file inside with instructions on how to import the project and settings into the current release.

The Olimex openOCD Development Suite is a fully configured package which includes Eclipse(Helios) + GNU C Compiler (Yagarto) + OpenOCD and can be installed with several clicks :)
Links here:

Note: You need to uninstall any old versions of the ODS before installing a new release.
There is a /manuals/ folder in the OlimexODS installation folder where you'll find answers to a lot of questions.

Best Regards,
Software developer at Olimex