Custom A13-SOM companion board parts (desired)

Started by balornt, February 10, 2015, 11:41:50 PM

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I have tried emailing support about this with little success so as per Olimex's request I am also posting this to the forum.

I have finished my preliminary design of a custom companion board for the A13-SOM-512 and would like to start ordering parts for prototyping so I can fix mistakes and finalize my design with the help of an engineer friend of mine. I previously emailed you about how to order some parts that aren't available on your site and received a reply that it was possible to purchase these parts, but gave no instructions on how to do so. As I live in the US I would rather order any parts that I may need for my initial prototypes together to avoid repeatedly paying the somewhat steep shipping costs that I will need to pay to order your products from the US. Your US resellers do not stock the items I wish to purchase at a comparatively reasonable price.

I am now ready to order these parts but need to know how to order the following items that are not sold on your website:
1. The WM294 module that you use for wifi on the A13-SOM-WIFI.
2. The GPH127SMT-02X05(PA-V16X-2X5-LF) connector used to connect to the A13-SOM-WIFI. I have found other connectors that may work, but your prices tend to be better for these connectors.
3. The ESP8266 chips. I requested these as a possible alternative to the WM294. I can (and may) use the module you provide in this case, but would appreciate the option to incorporate it directly into my board.

If you put these components up for sale on your website then let me know, but as of Feb 10, 2015 they are not there.


I expect everyone would wonder what qty of each?



My design requires one wifi module/ic and two of the 05x02 connectors. For my initial prototyping I would like enough for 3 devices so I have some wiggle room for making mistakes. Therefore:

WM294 module x 3
ESP8266 chip x 3
02x04 Connector x 6

I would like to be able to purchase more in the future as it is quite possible I will make more than two mistakes. I will post my schematics after I have done some breadboard prototyping, but I want to order the parts for creating my custom PCB with the breadboard prototyping components so I don't have to pay the extra shipping later (it costs $30 per order to ship to the U.S.)

The quantities shouldn't really matter in any case. They are components that Olimex currently uses in their boards and Olimex has had no problem selling components they use in the past in quantities of 1-10,000+. If they can't resell these components for legal reasons I understand, but they did email me saying that they could sell the components to me... they just didn't detail how. It has been over two weeks since my last email from them.

Edit 1: It just occurred to me that the 02x20 connector used by the A13-SOM-WIFI are SMD connectors while the ones in the store are through-hole connectors. I would like the SMD connectors for both the 02x05 and 02x20 connectors, six of each (3 boards x 2 connectors of each size).


Well I am out of patience on this one. It has been just under a week since the last reply to this request and a month since I first emailed Olimex about it and to their credit, they did put the WM294 module on sale on their website which was the component I needed most for my project. The connectors I can buy elsewhere and the ESP8266 chip I can do without since they sell the ESP8266 module. Perhaps in the future others can purchase these components.