Not enough space on disk

Started by Michel De Meester, March 20, 2014, 09:49:48 AM

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Michel De Meester


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I want to put the image underneath on a Kingston 4GB Class 4 microSD card (bought from Antratek, a Olimex reseller)


While using Win32DiskImager I got a "error5 acces denied" (was able to copy files to the µSD)

I formatted the µSD with "SDFormatter 4.0" (

When I write the image after formatting I get a message "not enough space on the disk: Size 7774208 sectors Available 7626752 sectors Sector size:512"

Anybody an idea?

Thanks in advance


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Formatting is usually not a good move on SDCards.  Some users have had this with specific cards.  You may have to try different cards.  You could avoid the hassle by using an 8GB card - and if so, one with Class 10.  The speed will make a difference in the performance.  On the 8GB you can expand the size with resize2fs.  The procedure is described in the forum.