Using Pl2303 module under Archlinux (from olimex web page)

Started by flavigny, November 08, 2012, 02:18:54 PM

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on November 9, posted a new message witjh some more informations.

I am trying Archlinux as indicated: .

(now solved, see post) As previously mentioned I am not able to start login by debug cable. However, I found answering Ip on my local network and I use putty to login. Fine.

Now I try to connect usb-serial adapter Prolific Pl 2303.
I find module: /lib/modules/3.1.10-11-ARCH/kernel/drivers/usb/serial/pl2303.ko.gz
I unzipped it by gz -d
But when I enter: insmod pl2303.ko
I obtain:
Error: could not insert module pl2303.ko: Invalid module format
[root@oli serial]#

I observe that uname -r answers: 2.6.35-5-ARCH+
but modules are located in folder /3.1.10-11-ARCH/

Could anyone explain it ?