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ARM-USB-OCD-H and FTDI driver

Started by andy.kiser@toradex.com, September 18, 2012, 12:40:01 PM

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I'm having troubles to access my ARM-USB-OCD-H by my own application using the FTCJTAG interface (FTDI D2xx driver) on Windows 7 (32bit).
The slower ARM-USB-OCD works fine.

My goal is to use only the ARM-USB-OCD-H.
For debugging, I connected both at the same time - 1 ARM-USB-OCD and 1 ARM-USB-OCD-H.

In the device manager I see two entries <<USB Serial Converter A>> and two entries <<USB Serial Converter B>>, so I believe the driver installation is fine.

In my application I use the following code to detect the devices:
    Status = JTAG_GetNumDevices(&dwNumDevices);        // dwNumDevices returns 1, Status returns 0
    Status = JTAG_GetNumHiSpeedDevices(&dwNumDevices); // dwNumDevices returns 0, Status returns 0

Also other functions do only work with the ARM-USB-OCD

Was anybody successful to communicate with the ARM-USB-OCD-H through the FTCJTAG interface? (I have an existing application, so I don't want to change to a different API).