Blinking charger LED and no video signal

Started by klausbm, March 11, 2014, 10:52:33 pm

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Today I found the a10_lime_android_SD_Olimex_release_1 image. I downloaded the file and used Win32DiskImager to put the image on a micro SD card (16 GB, class 10).
After I had inserted the micro SD card with the Android image I connected the power supply (5 V, 4000 mA) to the A10-OLinuXino-LIME.
The red power LED is on, but the battery charger LED is blinking permanently and I get no signal on my monitor.
What does the blinking LED mean?
Does anybody know how to resolve the issue?


Today I opened the case of my A10 OLinuXino LIME, removed the board and examined it carefully. I did not find anything particular. I put it back in its case and screwed the box together again. Then I connected monitor, USB keyboard and power supply. After I had switched on the power supply the system booted Android from the micro SD card. Everything works fine again, but I did not find the real cause of the blinking charger LED.