What difference between DUINOMITE and PINGUINO

Started by hary, November 07, 2012, 11:45:20 am

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Well, the question is in the title.
What difference between DUINOMITE and PINGUINO.

I've been working with ARDUINO, but I think DUINOMITE alike board seem to be more integrated to do some data logging (RTC and SD card) and more autonomous (keyboard and VGA screen to be easily connected).

Would it be difficult to switch from ARDUINO to DUINOMITE or PINGUINO ?
I'm total profane and I'm afraid to have to work on my own compared with ARDUINO witch have a big community, very active forum and lots of example and project on the web.

I can't find that much about DUINOMITE or PINGUINO....


Duinomite is different than Arduino, as use BASIC language instead C
Also there are no libraries and copy-paste Arduino approach will not work, but nevertless if you have used BASIC language in the past (like me) Duinomite will be much more easy to work with than Arduino.
Pinguino is similar to Arduino as syntax
Best regards


Thanks for your response.

But when I was talking about PINGUINO, I was considering the PINGUINO board witch has PIC32 (like DUINOMITE has): https://www.olimex.com/Products/Duino/PIC32/PIC32-PINGUINO-OTG/

So I guessed The PINGUINO BOARD can be programmed with PINGUINO SOFTWARE (ARDUINO software alike) and maybe with MMBasic (not sure)

But I surely guessed that DUINOMITE board can be programmed with PINGUINO software and MMBasic.

So, I'm still wondering what is the difference between both DUINOMITE and PINGUINO boards ?


Pinguino boards use PIC32MX440
Duinomite boards use PIC32MX795 processor with more memory, BASIC will not run on PIC32MX440 as needs lot of RAM
you can program both Duinomite/Pinguino boards with Pinguino IDE