Make imx233 Olinuxino-Mini act as a USB DISK

Started by sibest, November 06, 2012, 02:46:18 AM

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Hi Everyone,

It's possible to setup a USB port to act like a USB DISK ?

I Dunno if it's possible since imx233 olinuxino-mini has only USB Hosts.

Thank you much


Hi, AFAIK the imx233 doesn't have USB OTG, so you can't set it up to be an USB device, therefore it's not possible to set it up as mass storage device.
But with any other board which has USB OTG it's should be possible to set up, see for example here:
--<br />Zoltan Gyarmati


Is OTG really required?  The chip docs say that the USB port can be host or device.  I would agree that without OTG you can't switch between host or device mode without re-compiling the kernel, however, I would think it may be possible to set the USB port in device only mode and use the USB mass storage gadget.  I'm still attempting to do something similar using the Ethernet Gadget.  Still no luck, but I will keep trying :)