Olinuxino for car application

Started by Greg L., February 26, 2014, 04:14:26 pm

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Greg L.


I'm interested into a A10-or-something card for a while for car application.
First of all, an Android-driven system is pretty good as there are many available softwares to manage your playlist, listen to your music files or your favorite radio, ...
It has a native touchscreen display, which is great for carmedia purpose. A GPS module is also a big deal !

However, as I love sport cars, I would like to monitor my coolant temperature, my oil temperature and my oil pressure as well. These information are quite important on tracks and tell you when it's time to manage your engine, preventing it from breaking.

I now face different problems :
1. The A10 board only have one UEXT connector, the A20 has 2. Can I use the UEXTx5 without problem with all the devices (GPS, temperature, touchscreen, ...) at the same time ?
2. Do you have any idea how to use a TC-K-TYPE sensor on an engine ?
3. Is there any pressure sensor available ? The MOD-BMP085 won't suit my needs and I need a sensor that can work in a high temperature environnement. Maybe I can do something with GPIO or the MOD-IO module, but I would like to get a UEXT module instead, if available.

For now, here's what I need :
1. A13-OlinuXino Wifi board
2. UEXTx5 + cables
3. MOD-TC + TC-K-TYPE for coolant temperature monitoring
4. MOD-TC + TC-K-TYPE for oil temperature monitoring
6. A13-LCD7-TS touchscreen (+ LCD7 framekit)
7. ? for oil pressure monitoring

Thanks a lot for your feedback !