Olinuxino LIME external 5V DC source

Started by leniad, July 26, 2014, 05:48:01 pm

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I've read the user manual, and it says several times that I shouldn't use more than 5v DC for the external source. However, I have 3 5v switching supplies in my possesion, and when I measure them without a load, two of them have 5.4v, and the third one has 5.1v. I haven't been able to find detailed information on the absolute maximum ratings of the board. Are my supplies safe, or should I find one that has strictly less than 5v?
Thanks for your time!


They are probably poorly stabilised (or they don't have any kind of stabilisation at all) and may behave unpredictable under heavy load. I don't recomend using them. Voltake 5.1V is still OK, but 5.4V not.