Qt development on A20

Started by toxivirus_jon, February 13, 2014, 11:20:49 AM

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If you are interest, I was fighting with Qt over two weeks.

You should use latest release for this. This release should contain all necessary libraries.

Also pleas try one more time on fresh image, and on clean Qt source directory. Easiest way is to remove qt source and recompile it again.

Also if you will still have problems and will be desperate, we can set remote session or something like that.


Ye, tomorrow i'll try with a new setup, release 7 is the last one, there is a release 8 torrent but i can't download it because there are no seeds/peers.

  • write the image on my sdcard
  • compile ssvb kernel with Mali support and write output files on my sd
  • install Mali libraries
  • install all qt dependencies
  • "dd" my sdcard in img file and try to crosscompile qt on my host (ubuntu 12.04)

Finger crossed.
One more thing: what about dependencies? in my last try i've installed all the same dependencies as you show on your guide, do you think there are some other to be installed? i've read somewhere on internet something about Mesa libraries..


It's hard to say about mesa, because I have all dependencies already installed on my image.

I will check it when I will back home.

I have one proposal from my side, please try to cross compile Qt with default kernel. If it will passed then you could try to do it with yours own compiled kernel.