[Debian R3 and R4] Installing Mali Binary Drivers

Started by tlhingan, September 23, 2013, 09:41:48 PM

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I just wrote up a how-to to get the CedarX (VPU) working. I now have h264-1080p video running without frame dropping and perfect audio sync in mplayer. :)



Quote from: woodward on December 04, 2013, 01:46:36 AM
Thank you so much for these instructions. They executed without error, but I don't see a difference in performance. I am testing with glxgears "apt-get install mesa-utils" (I know not the best benchmark, but it is easy to get). I ran glxgears with and without the mali module from a terminal in lightdm and from ssh with "Xorg" then "glxgears -display :0". The frames per second were around 40.

I am testing with the debian-release5 image from olimex. Also, my display is the 10" lcd from olimex if that matters.

Are you guys seeing a speed up with the binary drivers? I certainly may have messed something up during my install. Thank you
I'm trying to get decent speed on emulated arcade games, so it's not entirely related to gpu driver, but acceleration should give some boost. Using metal slug on advancemame ad benchmark, I didn't notice any improvement. using open box instead of xfce and starting only advancemenu+advancemame was the only thing that increased (still poor) performances.

I tried to start glxgears, too, and have the same results, maximum 40fps or so. I wonder if it's the maximum capability of this GPU or if the driver is poorly implemented...