Will MMEdit work with DuinoMINI ?

Started by NigelC, October 27, 2012, 05:29:03 PM

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I have several DuinoMINI cards, loaded with MMBAsic3.2. Have so far used only with keyboard and monitor which is a pain. Can I use MMEDIT v2.03 with the DunioMINI cards?  (I have used MMEDIT in the past with Maximites). I have just tried with DMs and the commands do not seem to work. 

I have installed the serial driver 'mchpcdc', and i can establish a connection via MMChat window (sometimes COM9 or sometimes COM10 on PC). Upon connecting Chat, the DM card returns the following text at the top of the MMChat window..

DuinoMiteM MBasic version 3.2
Copyright 2011, 2012 Geoff Graham

So all looks fine so far...
If i Write some lines of code within MMEdit, then press LOAD, i see the usual lines of code flashing by at the top field, as if being loaded.
However, if I then click RUN, nothing happens.  (I already click CtlC and NEW before LOAD to be sure I clear out any old prog).
If I try LIST nothing happens either.

Is there an issue with MMEDIT and DMs??
I am trying with MMEdit v2.0.3 (which works fine with my Maximites)

Thanks for any guidance


I never used MMedit as I never need it so I can't give advice on this but when I wrute code on Duinomite I do as follows:
run MSDON command which create mass storage disk on my PC, then edit the file with any text editor and save it to the disk which is the duinomite SD card then hit ENTER on Duinomite terminal to exit MSDON and just run the text file
much more convenient than any editor on MM/DM


Hi Olimex, MMedit was really nice because it checks syntax as you type code.
Your method is Interesting... But can you provide full details.

What is MSDON? How do I run it?  What editor are you using? What is the Duinomite Terminal that you mention?  Please can you give step by step instructions. Thank you in advance for your help.