Problems with RF of MSP430-CCRFLCD

Started by erdi, January 27, 2014, 07:22:22 PM

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Hey folks,

I have an interesting issue, regarding my MSP430-CCRFLCD Boards:

I wrote a program, that continuously sends out RF-Packets.
Then I have a CC1111 with SmartRF Studio, that looks for packets sent from the MSP's.
I have 4 CCRFLCD Boards. I bought two of them maybe three month ago and another two one month ago.

If I flash the "old" boards via CCSv5, my packets are shown in SmartRF Studio (and also Packet Sniffer). But if I use the newer ones, they are not received anymore.
Another thing I know is, that the packets sent by the newer boards are sent out, because if I use one of the CCRFLCD-boards to receive the packets, they get received.

I cannot explain this behavior and hope, that maybe one of you has an idea, what I'm maybe doing wrong...?
The only difference I recognized is, that the older ones use a CC430-F5137-TI-OBK-E-APC9-G4 and the newer ones a CC430-F5137-TI-18K-E-CKJG-G4. But can that make such a big difference?

Kind Regards,