new nano won't power up

Started by microuser, January 22, 2014, 01:53:56 PM

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I've purchased a nano, and soldered on some header strips so I can power and connect through breadboard. After connecting up a 5v supply, the LED doesn't come on and I can't get anything out of the serial port.

Measuring the voltage across pins 1-2, i get 4.86V, which I'm not sure is correct. Testing the UEXT pins 1-2, I get the expected 3.3V.

Please can somebody help me troubleshoot this problem? I'm not sure what to try next :(



1. Make sure Vcc +5 -> Pin 1/Con2 and GND -> Pin 2/Con2
2. Don't connect any external devices yet (USB,UEXT,etc.)
2. Capture minicom logs while attempting powering it up and send it over


Dragan Zubac


thanks for the reply f2zubac

The powering up thing was a non-issue. I assumed that the led was a power led. After I RTFM I realized that that wasn't the case and I wasn't seeing anything because I had no card inserted. dd'ing an image I found online and inserting the card I finally got something in minicom.

That's where the good news ends though.. All I can see is garbage. I've checked and I'm pretty sure that all my serial settings are what uboot expects (115200 8N1)

Any advice on what to check next?