How to Build Android 4.2.2 for A20-OLinuXino-MICRO

Started by dave-at-axon, January 22, 2014, 05:41:54 AM

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Quote from: olimex on January 29, 2014, 08:12:40 AM
I must have written several times here on the forum that the SDK used to generate our image is the one linked on the Wiki, but I'm still puzzled when I read something like this above?

Sorry, I didn't mean to sound so negative. I love the boards and what you offer. I've already purchased a few now and more to come.! :)

You need to download the SDK yourself and check. The one linked on the website "aw.tar.bz2" contains android 4.03 and yet the image to download on your webpage is 4.2.2 when installed and yet it states it was created from the SDK2.0 which is clearly not the case.

Something is clearly not the same?

Thanks for the fex information. I'll see what I can do with that. There doesn't appear to be any conflict as the pins go straight to the GPIO connections. If that works, I'll run the image as is. :)

EDITED: The kernel in the image at this link is 3.4.39 but the kernel in the SDK2.0 is only 3.0


That true I'm agree with dave-at-axon check you SDK!

  • In aw.tar.bz2 you have lichee-v2.0.tar.gz have a good kernel (and the device wing-nk70 like prebuild image) but for android is a 4.0
  • In  A20-SDK 1.2 you have lichee.tar.gz that kernel 2 or 3.0 but for android is 4.2 (but no device wing-nk70 like prebuild image)

It could be very good if you give us a SDK with :

  • kernel 3.4.39 (defconfig for device wing-nk70)
  • android 4.2 (device wing-nk70)
  • the wiki will explain the good command line to compile from scrach

dave-at-axon : for the SDRAM error I see that in fex file the speed DRAM at set to 432 but in all other file for sun7i it set to 384. I chage it to 384 and I don't have any erro yet. You can try thit configuation and give me back if it have resolve your problem (becarfull you will not put any value that you want check


on the wiki I put what I get from Dimitar, who obviously is too busy to notify me when he changes something

I will try to sort this out



It can very help full us



Can any of those who manage to compile Android can make a post and describe the steps to compile android
- how to set up the repo/git
- what to install/ check (jdk...)
- what/from where to download

I have try to keep track of two post and the links in the post in order to be able to make my own android image but without success. This will help me and for sure others


Quote from: gvi70000 on January 29, 2014, 11:06:14 PM
Can any of those who manage to compile Android can make a post and describe the steps to compile android
- how to set up the repo/git
- what to install/ check (jdk...)
- what/from where to download

I will do this once I get the actual source used to build the 4.2.2 image. Google's own website has some information on how to setup your machine to build the source but there are a couple of extra steps to take over and above this. I'll document these once I have it working.

The JDK was the worst part of the installation as Sun removed this from the Ubuntu repository so this part alone takes a little bit of work. (Unless of course you are a whiz at Linux. I was a learner at the time 2 years ago) I recommend using 1.6 for Android builds. 1.7+ gave me errors.

I currently use Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit as this was the recommended version for building Android as I tried many times to get 12.x to work without success. I now run Ubuntu on a virtual machine until such time as I get a laptop with enough oomph to run it for Android building. My desktop here is Hex Core 3.2Ghz so builds Android in about 4-5 hours. My old machine was single core and took around 24+ hours to do the same build. This is just the initial build as subsequent builds are quicker. The kernel is about 20 mins for a full build.

I'll post all this up once I get the source from Olimex and have it working.


For the Android configuration for the A20 boards please also check this repository:

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