How to use 1 wire bus on A20

Started by codec, January 21, 2014, 01:02:14 PM

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Hello everybody,

I am looking into my new A20 to replace my Raspberry Pi, which is currently running my Python home automation scripts.
I've just received the board a few days ago and it is running well. Now I started to see which of my existing sensors I can keep with it.

The current question is: How is the 1-Wire bus usable?
Is there a library or a kernel module or whatever?

I've searched through the forum and could not find any information.
Where else can I find documentation to these kind of things?

Thanks for your help



If you're on Linux then the linux-sunxi wiki is likely your first place to try apart from google, here & Olimex pages.



you should use the w1_sunxi module, you can provide the gpio number to use as param of the module
or define it in the fex file under the w1_para