mod-tc-mk2 firmware and icsp programmer

Started by BAStumm, January 22, 2014, 09:34:35 pm

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I have 5 pieces of mod-tc-md2-31855 which came from Digikey with old version of firmware (address 0x48 instead of 0x23). I need to use this device on-going and do not want to write software for old version of firmware when next batch will likely have current firmware. What tool do I need to update firmware on this device or should I send these parts back to Digikey and re-order elsewhere? How can I ensure that parts I receive have current firmware? Is there any indication on board of what firmware is loaded when it ships?

I have written to support e-mail twice in past week with no answer.


Hey there,

I don't know why you haven't received my e-mail responses so I would paste this here also:

We try to keep the firmware updated and bug-free - that is why there are different versions of firmware. The best we can do to ensure that no one is mislead is to warn the customers that a programmer is highly recommended and to provide information about the usage of older revisions of the firmware. I believe we have done so.

It is completely ok to use the boards with the previous firmware. An explanation is available in the older firmware source archive available at the wiki article:

Which do you recommend and can you offer me a discount so I can upgrade these boards to latest version?
Any PIC16 compatible programmer would do the job. Specifically, I recommend you the PIC-KIT3: PIC-KIT3 has the right connector for the board, it is supported in both older and newer versions of MPLAB, it is well-supported and also acts as a debugger. It is also cheaper than most other solutions out there.

Unfortunately, I am not authorized to give you a discount. What I can recommend you is: in case you don't wish to spend money on such a programmer is to borrow one for one-time programming from a friend or if there is a local electronics community they are likely to have a PIC debugger/programmer.

Are the boards themselves of the latest version?
There is only one hardware revision released for the board.  Hardware-wise the boards you have are up-to-date.

Should I return them?
I don't think it is a good idea for couple of reasons. First of all if you are into developing a product sooner or later you would need to add own features or modify the features included in the firmware. To do so you would need a programmer tool. Additionally, if we release a new firmware in a couple of months you wouldn't be able to update to it without a programming tool again. Finally, in electronics it is not uncommon to loose a component or reset the memory of a board in a number of scenarios - in such cases you might want to change only the part burnt or to restore the firmware - you'd need a programmer again.

A PIC debugger tool like PIC-KIT3 might be used with a wide range of Microchip microcontrollers which you might encounter or use in future.

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


I have now purchased a PIC-KIT3 Olimex brand programming tool. I have downloaded MPLAB IDE including compiler but get error related to Hi Tech compiler when trying to build v3 firmware of mod-tc-mk2. I search internet for hi tech compiler and find link to microchip website. There I see hi tech compiler is no longer available. Where can I download this compiler or how to make this firmware build using mplabs?


At a guess Olimex would send you a hex file to program straight in if you ask.  It's faster to email support in my experience than to wait hoping they notice one post among many on a forum.



I've decided to try my hand at editing the firmware to customize to my project. Before I mess with the files I want to make sure I can compile the existing v3 firmware and load it onto the device. I managed to find an ftp login where I can download the hitech v9.83 compiler but have yet to try it. In the meantime I decided to try loading the prebuilt hex file that comes in the firmware download onto the mod-tc but I keep getting a failed to connect message from the pic-kit3/mplabx v2.00 stuff.

Do I need to apply power to the mod-tc-mk2 during programming or does it get powered from the pic-kit3? I selected the pic16f1503 in the programmer software. It gives a green dot but fails when I hit connect.


nevermind, found an option under advanced that allows to power device from pic-kit3.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\HI-TECH Software\PICC\9.83\bin\picc.exe" --pass1 configuration_bits.c  -q --chip=16F1503 -P  --outdir="build/default/production" -N31 --warn=0 --runtime=default,+clear,+init,-keep,+osccal,-resetbits,-download,-stackcall,+clib --summary=default,-psect,-class,+mem,-hex --opt=all,+asm,+asmfile,+speed,-space,+debug,9  --double=24 --float=24 --addrqual=ignore --mode=pro -g --asmlist "--errformat=%%f:%%l: error: %%s" "--msgformat=%%f:%%l: advisory: %%s" "--warnformat=%%f:%%l warning: %%s"
(923) unknown suboption "pro"

Build fails, do I need the pro version of hi tech?