Olimexino Nano WiFi Battery Powered Temperature Sensor

Started by camillo777, December 19, 2013, 02:23:09 PM

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It would be possible to make with the new Olimexino Nano a battery powered (coin cell) remote temperature sensor using a WiFi connection?

- WiFi SSID and password should not be cabled inside the microprocessor source code.
- Microprocessor code should be updatable over the air via WiFi.
- To minimize energy consumption WiFi connection should be only switched on to send data.

Do You see something possible or it is still better to use BLE4.0 or other technologies?

Thank you!

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Nobody have any idea on this?
And with a MOD-NRF24LR module? Can be easier?


WiFi and updates with just 28KB will be a little tight.  nRF24L01 should be fine.  There is also an Olimex MOD Zigbee board with a temperature application that could be adapted (needs a PIC compiler, though), but the nRF24 solution should be easy to do with Arduino libraries.