Composite Video output configuration

Started by jamodio, September 17, 2012, 04:05:01 PM

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I'm bringing up an old topic that was discussed on the blog some time ago and I don't know if there is a follow up on the yahoo groups. Since we are migrating to the new forum I'm posting it here.

The blog article in question was

I'm testing the latest ARCH Linux image, it works great with a wireless keyboard but with a 21" LCD monitor and it seems that the frame buffer config is not right, I'm loosing some video on the edges and looks like a tiny bit on the top.

Any hints what to change/try and where ?




someone with more deeper knowledge of Kernel should take look at this issue, as we have not enough knowledge and experience to solve it
Dimitar Gamishev try to generate different settings but said that iMX233 tv encoder driver is broken and no matter what settings you set it do nothing different.


I've an original 2.6 kernel released by Freescale with perfectly working TV out, get it from here:

> cat /proc/version
Linux version (hehopmajieh@hehopmajieh-office) (gcc version 4.7.1 20120421 (prerelease) (GCC) ) #11 PREEMPT Mon May 21 10:27:52 EEST 2012


Hello everyone,

I have the i.MX233 lying around for a while now (haven't had time to use it up to now).
I followed the instructions here

to get the TV out to work but with that image the network (mainly the sshd) seems not
to be working.

I then used the instructions here

to install an up to date image and the network is working fine but the tv out no longer.
I need both, so my question is ... how do I have to combine those two to get both??

If I just put the boot image onto sdb1 from the first post the board does not boot.
Is that because of the ext4 fs?

If there is anybody out there who could give me a qick walk through I'd be very






Using this Debian rootfs

and the Kernel from this

both works! TV Out and sshd are working fine!

Anyway ... ain't got a getty on the console as the Open embedded version had but at least the
penguin is showing! ;-)

Anybody out there who had programed something for the framebuffer? I want to use the Olinuxino
as a weather station and it would be nice to show current values on the console. Also I would
like to have some sort of screensaver running ... possible?? How? Any hints on some good examples?

Thanks for the nice little board! :-)

Best, Thomas


Quote from: cico0815 on February 03, 2015, 09:29:25 PM
Anyway ... ain't got a getty on the console as the Open embedded version had but at least the
penguin is showing! ;-)

I think this should be easy to solve: Just add an entry for your console
in /etc/inittab