Wiki location for items which apply to all iMX233 boards

Started by dpwhittaker, October 26, 2012, 08:15:53 PM

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Grabbing some opinions here, as I hope to put some of my stuff on the wiki this weekend.  Currently, the iMX233 page is a category page, which lists each of the four boards.  From here, each board has space for information on Software, Hardware, Documentation, Projects, and FAQ.  However, most of this information is applicable to all iMX233 boards.  I think any information that applies to all boards should go at the iMX233 level, and the individual board pages should be reserved for errata, and projects that are designed specifically for a particular board, such as one that relies on the form factor of the micro, the built-in wireless on the mini-wifi, or the ethernet port on the maxi.  So I have a few options:

1. Leave the board pages like they are, but add the information headings to the iMX233 category page.  Expect most information to go on the iMX233 page, but the board pages are there for information specific to the boards.
2. Make iMX233 the leaf category (deleting the board pages), then create additional pages for board differences, and assume project authors will define which board their project works with on their individual project pages.
3. Add my information to the Olinuxino-Micro page (since all my development has been on a micro), and expect users to use the search feature to find general information, or read all four pages.

Obviously I don't like option 3 - how is a newbie supposed to know what information applies to all iMX233 boards and what information is specific to the board it is written under?  However, I'm ok with option 1 or 2 (with a slight leaning towards 2 to make it less likely information will be duplicated or general information will end up on a specific board's page).  But I'd like community (and olimex) input before I go change the structure of the wiki.



Hi Dave
it seems we think in the same direction I start to fill software section on the different board and actually had to copy three times all project links so I also think we should set one page for iMX233 and put there the info which is related to all iMX233 board like the building the software etc
then on the specific board to put only the info which differ them like the layout, connectors etc