One Wire Master Interface

Started by FRED_MARTIN, December 06, 2013, 11:13:02 PM

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I am looking for a Dallas One Wire Master to be hooked_up to an A20
any ideas ?


David Goadby

One way might be to use a USB 1-wire adaptor. They are generally based on the DS2480B chip. I have used them on Windows but Linux ought to be ok too. Some useful links to get you started:

There is also an I2C -> 1-wire solution here: This uses the  DS2482-100 IC.

This is suitable for RPI and seems to be standard I2C so I am certain it will work on Olimex Arm boards too.

Hope some of this helps.

David Goadby


I use DS2483 I2C- 1-wire adaptor chip with IMX233 Olinuxino. DS9490R USB dongle works as well.
Both work with OWFS imx233 debian, should work with A20 linux.



Hi guys

Yes i knows of the USB and I2C adaptors and will try my luck with this
But with so many GPIO on board I was hopping to get a direct solution
like with Arduino boards
Still looking for a quick fix solution the Arduino style

Thanks for the tips

David Goadby

I'm not sure if you are looking to look at lower cost or lower hardware complexity. The I2C and USB solutions are not expensive and do work well. If you want to reduce hardware complexity then you could write your own driver in the form of bit-banger 1-wire interface. If you want to cook your own 1-wire for Olimex then the source to the Arduino library is here:

I had a look and the Arduino implementation is a bit-banger too so you will need to work out the pins you want to use and also checkout the delay timings. The Arduino code actually stops interrupts in places to make it work better (reduce jitter).

Although I do like to write challenging code and, in the  past worked on a bit-banger I2C implementation, these days I would rather spend a few pounds on a chip and move on to more interesting challenges. ;-)

Regards - and have fun