Does Olimex ships to Mexico?

Started by Vivar, August 02, 2016, 02:08:12 am

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I´m from México and i want to make a proyect using OpenEEG hardware, I want to know if Olimex can deliver it to México an if there will no be customs problems. I have that question because sometimes there are problems like: customs blocks the hardware because they do not know what is or why it serves.

¿Does anybody knows something about this, please?


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We ship to Mexico. We have six different shipping options to Mexico. I can't say about the customs but usually if we ship to a country there haven't been big problems with them lately - if the customs of a country are often giving trouble to the end customers we simply stop shipping directly to that country.

Purchasing directly from us is always the best option since we keep all products at stock and you are guaranteed to get the latest hardware revision of a product BUT if you are concerned about shipping and handling you might consider a distributor - the official distributor of Olimex products in Mexico is hetpro. Also some of the global distributors are always an option. The only problem with distributors is that sometimes they don't have all our products at stock. The list of official Olimex distributors is here:

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