Price for A10S-Boards

Started by soenke, January 05, 2014, 10:16:41 PM

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Can someone explain to me, why the A10S-Board without NAND suddenly costs 95€ (raised by 50€) while the NAND-version still costs 55€?


I just looked at this too and saw the price. It wouldn't make sense to by without NAND if this is not an error :)


Please, this just cant be. I already started my projects based on this board some months ago and i dont care about SDKs because i use linux.

The A10S fits my needs just fine and i dont want to use another board!

AFAIK olimex guarantees 5 years of product availability. But if they double the price every year i wouldnt name that availability. For my part, i cant just double the price of the products i made of it to compensate...


Have you tried emailing their sales people? I doubt there is much activity from Olimex in here.

You can use the A10S with the 4GB and just use the SD as before, which granted is a little more than the old price of the A10S without but it is much cheaper if this price change is correct.


Good idea, i just did it. Lets see what happens.



did you read ?
as you can see its posted September 2013 and states that Allwinner do not develop more for A10s

Also Allwinner sell now A10s at higher price than A10, so no much sense to make boards with A10s when A10 is with more features and less expensive!

we have just few A10S-OLinuXino in stock and this is why the price is set high - it means "do not buy this product", same will follow when just few A10S-OLinuXino-4GB left in stock



So here is some additional information i got from olimex (Thanks @Tsvetan!):

There are 0 A10S without flash left in stock and wont produce them anymore.

If you want to order some and need about 1000 boards, contact olimex directly, they wont produce small amounts as it wouldnt be cost effective.

A10-LIME will probably be available next week, i will try it out.


Are ther any plans to produce the A20-style PCB with an A10 processor? I remember reading a post in the Olimex blog saying you'd built some prototypes.  Or does the price difference between A10 and A20 processors make this unrealistic, meaning that the LIME will be the only A10-based product?


LIME is the only A10 product we have, I do not see any common sense to put 1 core processor on board where we already have 2 core better processor