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Started by visionimpaired, November 06, 2013, 06:31:57 AM

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Good Morning.
I am looking for a very simple board to do virutally one function. When I plug in my USB flash drive, I want to implement a script to automatcially move some files around.
I have this all working on a raspberry pi, but I am looking for the cheapest solution.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me?


Hi mate,

Any of the imx233 Olinuxino boards have at least 1x USB port and can do this job for you. It depends on how much you want to pay for them (25-45 Euro) and also on your needs for powering the board (clean 5V supply vs 6-16V unregulated supply).

I personally have multiple Maxi/Mini/Nano boards in different projects, and the Maxi was the most laziest solution for me - I can connect it to lots of different power supplies of 12V SLA battery, and the ethernet port allows me to easily install/update my arch/debian linux packages.

Hope this helps. Regards,