Some questions about Olinuxino MICRO (UART / SPI)

Started by laurent, November 16, 2012, 01:06:20 AM

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Hi everyone !

I just had received my Olinuxino Micro with the prebuild micro SD card. It's an amazing Linux embedded platform and I like to discover it.

I read this forum, but I didn't find answers to few questions I wonder, as mentionned in the title of this topic.

It seems to be another UART available threw CON2 - pins #5 and #6, how to enable it ?
(if it's already enabled, I didn't see the corresponding ttyxxx device on /dev)

It seems to be a hardware SPI available threw CON2 - pins #9 #10 and #11. How to use them ?
I saw on another topic some work done on an newer kernel, but is there anything for the 2.6 kernel ?
I missed another device on the /dev directory ?

I saw on the github an example for SPI implementation on the GITHUB repository :

It's a software implementation.
Someone here has tested this software implementation ?

I need two UART (one TTL leveled) and a SPI bus for my project.
This project aim to make a PID controller, in replacement to an old one, controlled by a serial bus (from an old computer), wich controls a serial (TTL leveled) PWM controller for power, and gets a feedback from a SPI sensor.




I answer to myself...
According to the Zigbee project on the GitHub repository, the UART is available as /dev/ttySP1 device :

I still looking for a solution for using properly the hardware SPI port.

Anyway, someone could confirm that the software solution is reliable ?