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LPC-L2294 board package configuration

Started by Bruce1, October 30, 2013, 03:16:18 PM

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I've purchased some of the above ARM-7 boards. The picture on the website shows the board fully populated with devices, but the boards I've received are lacking two, one between C6 & C7, and one between C4 and C5 (the corner opposite the ethernet connector.  Can anyone tell me what the function of those chips is, and whether they should be present for the 8MB configuration?  TIA


Hey Bruce1,

Near C4/C5 and near C6/C7 there are ICs, respectively, U3 and U2 which are the memories mounted for the 1MB version of the board. U3 and U2 are NA ("Not Assembled") for the 8MB version.

Its vice verse for U5 and U6 - those memories are mounted only on the 8MB version but are NA for the 1MB version.

Note that U4 is also different between 1MB and 8MB versions - TE28F160 vs TE28F320.

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