PIC32_MAXI_WEB display problem

Started by karthikra, October 24, 2013, 05:16:05 PM

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Hello Olimex Team,

I bought Olimex MAXI web board, I am able to flash the Pre built hex file and every thing works fine.

Then when I compile the SW(DemoSoft PIC32-MAXI-WEB v1.03) in MPLAB IDE 8.92/C32 compiler and tried to the flash the software the nothing is displaying in my Board,Could you please help me?

With Regards,


It sounds like it is a compiler problem.
It was compiled with XC32 1.21 (check the README.txt) not C32 (they are different).
You can download it here:

If this isn't the problem in your case check these two threads:

If it isn't working yet can you tell me where the program stops/freeze/fails (if your programmer has also a debugger).

Stancho, Olimex
May the Source be with You!


Thanks for the support, I have compiled and flashed through Xc32 but after flashing I get white screen..or a Blank screen

if( xTaskCreate( vTaskGUI, "GUI", configMINIMAL_STACK_SIZE + 2000, NULL, tskIDLE_PRIORITY + 1, NULL ) != pdPASS )
Status |= -1;

this status retuns -1 and task gui is not called....i kept break point in taskgui..but it doesnt breaks there

Main program is always stays in -->

When I flash prebuild hex every thing is proper...


OK... It is obvious that the problem is in the initialization the RTOS task of the graphic library. But everything is fine with me when I try to compile, program and run the demo.

And you said that the prebuilt hex is fine so I exclude the option of any kind of hardware problem.

The only clue I have is the compiler. Exactly which version of XC32 compiler are you using? I mean: 1.19, 1.20, 1.21 etc. Maybe some of the libraries (RTOS or graphic) are problematic with compiler's version different than 1.21 (I did it with 1.21).
May the Source be with You!


I am using IDE

MPLAB     Certified
Language tool suite--> Microchip XC32 C Compiler v1.21
Language tool versions: xc32-as.exe v1.21, xc32-gcc.exe v1.21, xc32-ld.exe v1.21, xc32-ar.exe v1.21


Hi Stanimir5F,

Thanks for the support, Its working now...

The problem was the header files were not up to date...


Hi karthikra,
Can you write which header files were causing the problems?
I am facing similar issues.