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The problem was indeed in the USB port that was problematic from the first moment I received the EEG-SMT. Two wires are pushed deep inside and when I connect the cable the contact is problematic resulting in unstable signal, or no signal at all or freezing of the flaw. Now I managed to pull out a bit the wires using a small tool -without opening the case of EEG-SMT- and it works, but still I have to be careful and keep everything very stable.
I would say that Olimex should be a bit more careful and checking better the devices it sends... Now I have to either replace the usb port myself and VOID WARRANTY or send it back and pay for the shipping cost myself.
I think all this is pretty unfair, when I received a problematic device from the beginning...

Hey Zack,

Unfortunately, big part of our devices are cheaper than the transport costs to the customer. We used to cover those device "trips" but it was easily exploited by some customers - free repair for obviously damaged by high input voltage devices or damaged after custom soldering work, etc.

What I did was to inspect the USB ports of all EEG-SMTs we have at stock here. They seemed fine. I will keep my ears open for other complaints related with the four wires of the USB connectors.

Anyway, at least the problem is identified, sometimes it takes quite a while.

Best regards,


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