Script for automatic start and stop a terminal program

Started by KeesZagers, August 13, 2013, 01:57:13 PM

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Just wondering if someone has a solution for the following:

If I connect the Duinomite to a USB port of my PC, a driver is loaded and the unit comes available as a COM port for communication. Now I start Teraterm (or any other terminal program) and off we go. If I want to stop, in fact it is the best to close Teraterm first and after that disconnect the Duinomite.

If I do something wrong, e.g. reset the Duinomite, the connection is lost and won't come back. Teraterm has to be closed to get the serial port free again and sometimes I even have to reboot my PC to get it free again.

It would be nice that after loading of the driver, automatically my favourite terminal program would start and after disconnecting or reset the Duinomite also the terminal program would close.

Anyone here who has made such a solution? Under which versions of Windows/Linux is this working?