Strange behaviour Ard Due & MOD LED 8x8 RGB

Started by WimRoose, October 18, 2013, 02:32:24 AM

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I'm experiencing some strange behaviour when programming a MOD-RGB connected to an Arduino Due. From the moment the function Transfer() is called, even when no pixels are drawn, the RGB panel turns on a whole row LED white. This is quite strange, as I programmed the MOD's on an arduino UNO without any problem. The MOD's are connected via the SPI bus, and 1 digital pin. Any ideas anyone?




Hey Wim,

What is this function Transfer()?

Are you sure about the SPI setup of the Due? I suppose you have stumbled upon the SPI library usage note:

Also I don't know exactly about your setup but there were some changes between firmware 2 and firmware 3 of the MOD-RGB (and the examples in the wiki are compatible with firmware 2 - haven't been fully tested with firmware 3).

Best regards,
Technical support and documentation manager at Olimex


Hi Lub

It's just the function Transfer from olimex lcd8x8rgb.h lib. I hooked up my Due following olimex wordpress article about 8x8 RGB LED, and SPI instructions on I use D10 as latchpin (I've changed this in lcd8x8rgb.h). I do not use the extended functions. But now I read the Due uses pins 4,10 & 52 for SS. Could that be the cause? Although I think I've already used another digital pin as latch, with the same result

tnx for the help!

EDIT: I think I didn't made myself clear enough about the product: it's a MOD-LED8x8RGB I'm talking about off course, not a MOD RGB. Sorry for the confusion, it was already quite late at night :)