documentation related to script.bin/script.fex

Started by sachin, October 20, 2012, 02:03:28 PM

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does any one have a detailed documentation related to script.bin/script.fex file?? I m having trouble to enable my wifi module during kernel boot.



Thanks for the link. What is the script.fex/script.bin file ? Everything refers to it as a text file, but it isn't (has lots of weird symbols in it). Do you convert a text file with your config to a script.bin file ? How do you do that ?

I'm trying to work out how to change resolution on boot.


To answer my own question :

The script.bin file contains parameters in a weird format. You use a tool called bin2fex to convert the script.bin file to a text file like so :

./bin2fex script.bin >> output.fex

and back into a bin file :

./fex2bin output.fex >> script.bin

The tools can be acquired by executing :
git clone
and then running "make" in the new directory.

The compile may fail with some missing dependencies (in my case it was libusb) but the bin2fex/etc. apps were still complete.

The CPU is configured for 1008 MHz but I've found references to 1104 MHz. Arbitrary frequencies supported ?