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Started by normad, September 30, 2013, 12:17:15 AM

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Hi guys, this is probably a question that has been asked a thousand times here. but i couldnt find a solution that works.

I have an olinuxino mini with me and im trying to interface it to a usb camera. i got the system working with the 2.6 kernel and an arch image but i cant get opencv to compile on it. (dependencies)

i cant do a system update because i dont have a way to get an internet connection. I have a wifi dongle(rtl8188) but i cant compile the drivers of it.

what im doing at the moment is manually downloading individual packages and transferring it to the board using a usb. this is a huge pain in the ass.

I believe the ultimate solution for my problems would be to get a kernel with wifi drivers. so is the 3.7 kernel at https://github.com/koliqi/imx23-olinuxino stable? does it have the rtl 8188 drivers? will it work with the latest arch image?

any help is greatly appreciated  :)

Fadil Berisha

Yes, it does have rtl 8188. Follow instruction to build kernel or use compiled image. I am not using arch but kernel should work with arch.