USB device capability

Started by zarp, September 21, 2012, 06:43:01 AM

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I would  know if they is a way to add usb device capability to a OLinuXino board. Is it possible to add trough an external chip ? Sorry but i am beginner in uC world and in hardware design. i have no idea how to add this feature.

I know they is usb OTG and ethernet possibility, but i would like have a real usb device.

i have seen SAM9-L9260, SAM9-L9261 chip look old. And OLinuXino  look an easier step for begining.
But i have a good experience with linux (fedo,gentoo,slackware,and suse).

So i would like have
USB host
USB device
Linux embeded
lcd capability tought GPIO
OLinuXino  look pretty good , just missing USB device.

Any suggestion / opinion are wellcome



So you want the gadget interface?  If all you want is for the Olinuxino to be a USB peripheral to some external host you can do this with a simulated ethernet interface via PL-25A1 type USB transfer cables.