PIC32 WEB source code modification

Started by pramod.cmc, September 13, 2013, 01:29:44 PM

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i  got the source code for PIC32 WEB TCP/IP stack v5.42, which does not have embedded ethernet support. How i can change this source code to make it compatible with PIC32(PIC32MX675F256H) with embedded ethernet support ?


Hi Pramod,

I thinks this question might be of interest to me as well. What is what you want to do with the TCP IP Stack, and, which Stack are you using Microchip?

I have been trying to work out using the Olimex's MOD-WIFI, to work with Pinguino PIC32 OTG also from Olimex. I have been using, following and modifying Microchip's demos from the Stack.  But no success yet.

For that I will try to communicate with users like us to share the knowledge.