iMX233 OTP fuses

Started by zxchris, August 09, 2013, 10:53:50 AM

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I've an imx233-OLinuXino-Mini and it boots up in parallel JTAG mode, not SJTAG, as the programmers reference manual implies it should (unless I'm misreading it??)

Have any OTP fuses been blown by Olimex?  This is essential to know if you're using the OLinuXino to design/prototype other products.

There is no easy way to inspect the OTP fuses manually.




The fuses blown by Olimex during production are documented in their user manual.

You can inspect the OTP fuses from Linux (by compiling in the right module), or via a special bootlet.  But it is easiest done using BitBurner, again explained in the OlinuXino user manual.  This requires a special USB cable connected to the PGM_FUSES header.



Thanks. I missed that detail in the user manual.