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Started by jim_butz, June 06, 2013, 07:38:03 PM

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Anyone have any success performing an auto boot / auto login using Arch Linux on the Olinuxino MAXI?

I would like to automatically launch my app on power up but there are 2 road blocks:

1 - login - how to login automatically either as root (security issue) or as a user
2 - automatically launch app - how to automatically launch my app - either as root or as a user

Every example I've seen with Arch Linux doesn't seem to apply to the ARM version of Arch Linux

Likewise with automatically launching an app - I can find some examples that run on Arch Linux but not the ARM branch.

I'm sure someone has figured this out - I've tried rc.local (although it's depricated) and the new examples I've found apply only to Arch Linux and not the ARM branch.

Any help is appreciated.




I'm not sure what is the structure of the init process of Arch Linux, but you should be able to make a script in /etc/init.d/... and then with update-rc.d command to set it in which runlevels to start and stop :-)

As I'm mostly Debian user this is the most logical way I see

Here i found a topic that says this method should work :-)

Good Luck !


I was able to accomplish my goal by creating a startup script that runs upon boot.  There was no need to login as the script starts up automatically.  Here are the details and the files you will need to create a successful startup script with Systemd.

Create your script file - /usr/bin/

#!/bin/sh -
cd /SerialNumber/Pystir_115200/

Give it execute permission:

chmod +x

Create a service - /etc/systemd/system/pystart.service

Description=Pysterito Startup Script



Reload, enable (for startup), start, and status the service:

systemctl --system daemon-reload
systemctl start pystart.service
systemctl enable pystart.service
systemctl status pystart.service

At the end of the day it turns out to not be that complicated - just a lot of trial and error on my part.

Hope that helps someone out.