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display 4.3 pouces

Started by thierry_72, June 12, 2013, 03:13:38 PM

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bonjour a tous
hello all
does anyone there a driver to control the LCD display 4.3 inches (mod-lcd4.3).
or a trick to replace the VGA screen to make portable standalone applications.


Hello thierry_72,

The driver might be found in the example provided in folder "modules". The graphical driver is named "drv_glcd.c".

What do you mean by "trick to replace the VGA screen to make portable standalone applications"? Do you mean to remove it physically? Or do you want to change it with another display?

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I mean, replace the screen with a VGA screen from 2 to 5 inches with the same functionality as the VGA screen.
keep control of the VGA screen, but redirect the information to a smaller screen.
I think we have recreated the font characters for different screen sizes.
hoping to have been clear in my request.
  I'll watch the "drv_glcd.c" but where should I place this file?
on the sd card and which command should be done to call routines there must be a soret to include to do! I never do .........


s v p
what is the path to find the "drv_glcd.c" file, I can not find it.
thank you


to use LCD 4.3" is possible as the resolution is almost same as Maximite/Duimonite VGA, but you will have to write custom driver for it also the LCD will take some of the GPIOs