Technicals questions any good soul to help me Please ? Thx

Started by pepslight, November 25, 2013, 05:17:21 PM

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Hi Folks,
I am getting some trouble doubts with the Retropie Project , This Project who can install a Snes and other retro consoles emulator.

I have some technicals questions, The retropie is under a optimized Linux version if i'm not wrong now: I wanted to do on my own a small arcade machine with a 15″ screen, for the controllers I thought maybe buying a cheap snes usb control plugged in one of the usb ports and hard soldering the joystick and all the bottoms on the controller board would work riiiight ?. This is my first question, I was thinking to use the Raspberry Pi with Retropie off course easier because is made for it or literally buy on ebay a snes and hard solder the buttons etc but than I noticed I would have a problem to plug this monitor I was planing to buy and play properly with a good image and fluid or even if I mannage how would I do for the buttons The Power and reset :/ The monitor: ... 4897.l4275

Actually I'm scared that the tiny 700hz processor from raspberry Pi wouldn't manage properly even If I overclook to 1Mhz and ventilate the machine with a passive or active cooler.

so then after searching a bit I read about the A13-OLinuXino with a higher processor and probably more powerfull, Would it be possible to install the retropie on it ?

and a third choice shows up:

Coincidently Some Months ago I bought one of those android dongles with a dual core processor at 1.4 mhz but its on a android system and I guess not made for those things, I read somewhere and from my own experience that android are quite good for changes and flexibles Not like iOs or other system, I was wondering would I had any way to try to put the retropie system on one of those little dongles like literally take out somehow android and put this modified linux, that I just plug the power on my arcade cabine turn on and bam straight to my snes games selection menu ? because Installing a emulator on the android would always need to slide to the application and etc. and I wouldn't wan't to have any thing to do, just power on boot and play. I think it would be cheaper because I then wouldn't need to buy a raspberry pi yet,

I am really open I and thankfully for any comment in advance Luca


It is not possible run Linux software on Android and vise-versa, especially when there is a GUI. :o

But it is possible to install the retropie on whatever Olimex's board running Linux. ;D