Sdr radio project cant get rtl2832u working correctly or python-uinput

Started by trc104, February 03, 2014, 04:23:19 PM

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Hi all I have the olimex a20 with 7" lcd and debian I have quisk sdr working with a softrock really well
wanted to use vhf and uhf with a rtl2832u tv dongle with gqrx I have built gnuradio that seems fine ihave installed
rtl-sdr. AND rtl_test comes back test ok if I do rtl_tcp -a 192.168.1.xx and try to connect a remote pc to it I get noise but not what I should
have. Got this to work on a raspberry pi with no probs. Also cant get python-uinput to work builds ok when I modprobe it says no
module. Any help would be great cheers I only know basics with linuxs thanks