Using Olinuxino Nano CON1/CON2 as headers

Started by t35tB0t, March 11, 2014, 08:40:11 AM

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It seems that the Nano tried to be a SoM but got lost along the way...  We want put some Nanos to work here - plug into an I/O expansion board which conditions power, adds MCU, sensors, FETs, connectors, etc.  But the annoying UEXT connector is blocking CRITICAL connection points.  Also the DUART is duplicated on CON2 and U_DEBUG but the actual application AUART is only routed to the (somewhat useless) UEXT connector.  So, what's up here?  What have others done to hack the Nano into being useful as a SoM? Plan "A" is to cut UEXT conn off the board and throw it away and use hardware i2c port instead of AUART. Also will blow USB connector off board and use the extra holes to plug in a MOD-WIFI-RTL8188 radio (seems like that was what it was meant for anyhow).  Plan "B" is to go find a real SoM but we like Olimex so trying to make this work.  Any other suggestions?



I'm having the same issue here, asked olimex and they can remove the uext on request. For the USB connector they can put a header to replace usb depending on the ordered quantity.
Actually they need the usb connector for board test, so they would have to change the test by using a header instead of the usb connector.

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Just spent 1.5 hour desoldering 12 USB connectors from Nano boards. One board lost couple of passives on the hot air blow, hopehully no bigger damage was done.
Imx233-Olinuxino-Nano-SOM version, with all pinheader soldered, would be nice. I would pay couple of euros extra to get rid of desoldering the USB connector and soldering the pin headers abd not risking boards.
How big quatities are needed for USB conn->pinheader replacement?



They told me MOQ is 500 to have a IMX-NANO with Male header instead of usb


Anybody is interested in nano without the usb connector? Maybe we could make a kind of grouped order to reach the moq?