Olimex micro + USB 3G

Started by bbuic, June 20, 2013, 10:27:22 AM

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I use iMX233-OLinuXino-MICRO and USB 3G (http://www.modemwholesale.com/Huawei/E353.htm) attached to him.

I have a problem that it is unstable, depending on some parameters of the 3G USB stick. Everything works in some places where some parameters (do not know which) on 3G USB stick ok, and others where these parameters are NOT ok ... micro is unstable (often restart). Anybody know how 3G USB stick can affect the arch linux on micro that this reboot ?



Hi Bojan,

if it is a software problem, then you should see something in
the debug output (serial console).

If it just restarts without any debug message, then likely it
is a hardware problem. Perhaps your power supply is insuffcient?
Details about brown out detection are documented in the
imx23 reference manual. Perhaps just try to improve your
power supply and if the problem persists then start reading
there ...



we found a solution, we closed a microcontroller in a metal box and now everything is working ok.

thanks for your help!


I have the same problem. Recently bought iMX233 Micro rev. C. Powering the board with enough power (PC power, 32A). From the moment of entering PIN of the 3G card thru minicom it always restart after 2-3 seconds. Same if using a USB extension cable about 10cm length. If using a 1m usb extension cable it successfully connects and works on internet no matter how far the 3G modem is from the board - it works even modem is directly sitting on the board, so my conclusion is that the problem isn't in the induction caused by wireless signal.
This is a board just for testing, form my works my target is the iMX233 Nano, so I would like to avoid making metal case just for this one Micro.
My question is does anyone knows that Nano behavior is the same as Micro and if answer is yes, can it be fixed  without spending more money on case or extension cable?

Thanks, Darko