Location of Debian and Android Sd card images ?

Started by GlenEnglish, June 02, 2013, 11:55:00 AM

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can anyone tell me the location of the images available at


that is to say, the mages that one can purchase on the micro SD cards.

Can't find it. Only "Under construction"

With thanks



these images are work in progress and change every day!
this week I will blog how to build Debian image with the work in progress kernel so everyone could build its own image with the up to date support

the major problem is these images sizes
A10S-SDK for android build is 4GB and we have no place to host
the images now are too many and my 25GB Gdrive account is almost full, we have to think about how to host these as the number of OLinuXino boards now is 10 and this number is to grow with the time


Thanks for all the work you are putting into the A10s. I'm looking forward to the build guide. Following the a13 process, allwinner certainly hasn't made it easy!

With respect to hosting images, for the dev versions anyway, rather than images, do you have any build scripts, similar to openembedded's bitbake or the linux-from-scratch ALFS process? Or is this an opportunity to contribute? Build scripts are tiny compared to full blown images, and could easily be maintained in a git repo.

Personally, I'm more interested in debian/ubuntu shell systems rather than android.


David Goadby

If you need some temporary hosting space then I have nearly 50GB on my 1&1 server with unlimited bandwidth. I am happy to host some images if it helps.

David Goadby


Thanks Dave!
Today the Linux support for A10s is complete and we have just to re-test everything to make sure we didn't do something silly, then I will blog how to make SD card and upload the latest images in the Wiki, mirroring these on your server would help!

David Goadby

Just let me know when they are ready and I will suck them into my own (local) cloud system first. Once I have them uploaded to my main server I will post a URL for downloading.


Thanks for the info and great work!

Yes, Debian is what I develop software with, and as a result is my preferred OS on embedded devices...
I think it has a good embedded following.
Debian is my choice for "headless" non GUI embedded systems.

Android has its good points in that there are some interesting driverless (well, no need to install driver) USB peripherals  like the FT311D which makes miscellaneous peripheral interface easy. Of course we have lots of IO on the 10S PCB, so really no need for the USB IO interface like FT311

Also Android presents a familiar user interface to non techs.



Here's another offer to host some images for you.

Also it might be worth getting a free "copy.com" account as that has 20Gb free (15Gb plus 5Gb for the referral) if you use this link to join https://copy.com?r=iRGpKf. A shared folder shares the disk space used, so by sharing an olimex folder between us we should be able to host loads!