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olimexino STM32 Vbat RTC

Started by Coyote, October 01, 2014, 04:57:06 PM

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I have found Olimexino STM32 interesting board, except that upon a power outage the battery supplies entire MCU power. I would prefer that only Vbat is supplied, retaining the RTC. Is there any possible fix, jumper?


The silence from replay says: It is not possible, I guess.

That's a pit, because it has industrial design with CAN transceiver, that normaly can't be used as portatile device. On the other hand STM32 has the reserved pin VBAT (that others don't) to simply connect a battery for RTC, instead you have added a complicated (and expensive) LiPo batery with charger that supplies entire MCU and shields - not an industrial design.

Please take the following into consideration if you will make another revision of this intersting board.


I checked the board and the STM32F103 data sheet - it does not look difficult
to cut the circuit path and solder a wire to it that goes to the battery, there is plenty of
space at this location on the board.


Thanks Carla for your info. Anyway I was thinking to use this board as ready made product. I can't sell forward a product with cuted paths and with soldered battery hanging somewhere. What can I write in the user manual about to change the RTC battery?
I will try this board only when it will have a battery retaining clip and VBAT connected to it.